JH (January 4,1931 / a citizen of the world)


I didn't remove my poems in a fit
of pique as has been suggested.
It was time to cull and revise, cut
and polish, and give some a swift
kick in the arse.

In the saying and the doing I also
make this observation. Poemhunter
sold out to mindless boring promoters
of mindless boring products. It's called
consumerism, and it starts wars.

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It does indeed start wars! ! maybe others would do well or better if they took a leaf from your book in culling and revising! !
Welcome back, you belligerent pacifist, you sensitive curmudgeon, you truculent guru of this crazy site. We all love you. Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
i'm glad to hear that, jerry. i have always appreciated your generous comments, your friendship, and most of all, your writing... politics are politics are politics, but when it comes down to it, sharing of yourself with others transcends that and rightfully so...