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Sachin Tendulkar

One of the World's greatest ever cricket players if not the greatest of them all
The mighty little general often gets his bat on the ball
And sweeps it over his opponents heads and out into the crowd
And his Country's flags are waving and his fans are cheering loud.

The great Sachin Tendulkar is only five foot four
And no surprise to see him bat a century or more
The best of goods come in small parcels he is living proof to that
There is nobody better at using the cricket bat.

You marvellous little Indian the pride of old Bombay
Though I am not a fellow countryman I salute you today
In the face of severe pressure you have remained unbowed
And by the world's best fast and spin bowlers you refuse to be cowed.

A brilliant little batsman in a class of his own
He respects his opponents and respect by them to him is shown
In India a National hero his is a household name
He is a credit to his people and to the cricket game.

Long after he is dead and gone the cricket historians will recall
The champion batsman from Bombay who physically looked small
Five foot four in his stockings and that's not very tall
Yet many will acclaim him as the greatest of them all.

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