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Sacraficies...Gifts From The Heart
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Sacraficies...Gifts From The Heart

Please rethink your past...open up your heart and mind

Do you really think I was that unkind?

Did I play favorites or was age the stage

I understand... I went through the same rage

But my older brother was mentally challenged

Yet still I felt slighted and damaged.

Till one day I had children of my own

What you see in youth is not the whole picture shown

Your memory deceives and plays games

You remember the bits to blame

As a mother I gave gifts from the heart

Sacrifices right from the start

Only some of those you saw

Or maybe you just remember the flaws

We are all human and perfection is rare

I know I'm very far from there

Someday I hope you'll understand

When you have your own children in hand

And they come at you with anger and spite

That what you did wasn't right

Your mind will flashback to this day

Where my heart was betrayed

For I thought I gave gifts from the heart

Sacrificing right from the start

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Comments (4)

i felt like so towards my parents not anymore. i feel sad for the wasted years i spent in anger and all the blaming. wish i could take back everything horrible thing i did and said to them. my heart is broken maybe the reason why am so sad so often
yes, i agree what the first reader said.Take care Love, Lil sis
The kids never understand until it's too late usually
All you can do is your best, does no good to try and second guess... Andy 10