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Poem By Veronika Van Epp

Palm measured, perclosed by metes and bounds and monuments
Soft echoes of millennia, cuneiform memory stored by nature and departed dwellers
Ghat rising to ancient mountains and riverbank, shale engraved by the sea
Gated entry permits a hagioscope view of the finite herion A solitary stranger enters this parvis, walking carefully on the patina ground
Adjuring the spirits of nearby ossuaries to join the opus of this final place
Open hands reaching for ovum mundi, fervent plea to enter the penetrale
Ligumvitae allows passage to create panopticon and illusory fane Proclaiming sanctity, a temporary sagitta tries to induct indefectible order
Healing harmonic sounds evolve and arise to adorn the peristerium for the human phon
Confinis actions, licit orion, creating wounding; too deep to forgive
Actuating closure to all that fail to touch life with sacrosanct, preserving spirit The architect acclaimed by sights and sounds of winged creations
Gentle greetings by forest friends, delicate footprints marking their passing
Caressing winds, dancing clouds, nights with jewelled pendants high above
A touch of infinity that gives the gift of sight of what lies beyond...

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