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Sacred Cows
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Sacred Cows

Poem By H.i Chesebit

Is not the cow considered sacred in India?
Would it not then by logic follow
that proclaiming someone a cow
would be tantamount to bestowing honor?
How now then name caller?
These ladies may consider your gift
of name calling as
an honor should they
choose to accept
it as such

The enemy of my friend is
my enemy
But how so if he
hands out compliments
in place of insults
he honors me
and all those whom
he places along with me
on that same alter
of misplaced hate

So the cheese readily
accepts his fate with the herd
These the chosen
though perhaps to your dismay
now may
take on willingly
that mantle of distinction
How now
about that sacred cow?

Blessings upon all fair-minded loving poets of India

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H.I. Nicely written and expressed. Now that's what I call making lemonade when handed lemons... or in this case cheese from sacred cows. I approached this issue by writing 'Widening Gap' Peace, Ray