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Sacred Sun Tea
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Sacred Sun Tea

It is dew-
like drinking
liquid sunshine
requiring only
a jar to make
this holy brew
only takes
fresh water
tea bags and
some patience
these two together
with the sun
do the work
allowing time
to make this
drenched refreshment work
so be kind to yourself
in the process
it takes nothing more
than unwinding patience
because in the end
there is nothing like it
partaking of this
divine substance
fortifies the heart
brain and body
tastes of heaven
with acrid earth
that mark
summers simple pleasures
brought to you
through amber hue
pure and close to nature
You can't always read
the tea leaves
when this sunshine brew
is working on you
yet, every pore
will let you know
''sun tea'' is so good
for your soul

Copyright ©2004

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Comments (4)

euphoric brew. Acrid is the new sweet.xxsjg
Sun tea, a staple here ...it is the Ambrosia Of Heaven! Beautiful, just beautiful. Regards, Theodora Onken
This is good and requires patience. I take it that Armageddon has been cancelled? H
Lovely Adrienne, will have to wait a few months, but I will try it even in these colder climes: -)