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CV (06/02/1990 / )


Poem By Comte Valois

I'm no true hero
I'm just making a sacrifice
I love you
And I'm doing what I think's right

Sometimes I lay in bed at night
And catch myself thinking to the next light of day
And I open my eyes and look beside me
I can't hear your heartbeat; You're too far away
So I get up, put on my shoes
And take my first steps out of the front door
I've got to find you and make things right
I can't live like this anymore

My shoe came loose and I tripped on Coit
A bloody knee, I didn't want to get up
But I couldn't let myself suffer a setback
No, I couldn't, not with my kind of luck
So I kept on walking past the honking of cars
Until I stopped, and I was at home
My mind led me to my musty old room
And once again I was alone

But asleep in bed, there you were
Off in a dream unknown
And I laid my head down on the heart
That I know as my own

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