Sacrifice And Faith Are My Friends

Sacrifice and Faith are my friends!
From the very beginning,
They made their presence known!

I have shown them indifference,
On many occasions.
And we parted...
With Sacrifice being the more stubborn
When I rejected harsh criticsms,
I was not prepared to face!
As I grew to find how true they were.
How I created them and made them to occur!
Sometimes Sacrifice had me on the floor,
With Doubt!
And Doubt and I had bouts...all the time!

That's why Doubt is not a close friend of mine!

Sometimes Sacrifice made me aware...
If I was going to do anything worthy...
'It' was going to be there to insure
I had enough endurance
Not to give up!
Sacrifice was there to make sure
I knew 'It' was where I cared most!
Even though most of those times,
Tomorrow was much delayed!

I'd pray with fears as tears rolled...
To swell into rivers of complacency!
Sacrifice knew that was not me,
Fixed on my knees pleading.

Sacrifice often would connect me with Faith...
When I turned my back on Faith many a day!
I'm so glad Faith allowed my tantrums.
'It' knew I was being a misunderstood child,
When Faith would come and enfold me
With security and comfort.
That would sit with me a while!

Letting my time with Sacrifice...
Be discussed with Faith and understood!
And Faith would bring me to my senses.
Like only Faith knew...and could!

They were never the ones with the conflict at all.
I had to identify them on their own merit.
I had to discover 'Me' and who they were.

It has difficult but I now realize...
Without Sacrifice and Faith,
I would never have found Happiness!
And that is what they have been wanting for me,
All this time!

Inspred by:
Trevor Foster, Owner
Hartford, Connecticut

'Thank you, Trevor'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Faith is composed of the heart's intention.Light comes through faith.Through faith men come to prayer, Faith in the morning, faith at noon and at the setting of the sun.O Faith, give us faith! Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make straight your paths. thanks for sharing Lawrence, its beautiful faith.