BR ( / Cleveland, Ohio USA)

Sacrifice Of Praise, Yah

He chose me from the foundations of the world
In manifold wisdom created he, this baby girl
Omniscient, omipresent, omnipotent is he
His countenance hidden, no man can see

YAH is self-existent, none can search him out
He grants my hearts desire, there's no doubt
With uplifted hands, I give him eternal praise
To YAH be all glory, now and always

Never underestimate the power of salvation
He'll meet your every need, exceed all expectations
Your hopes and dreams only he can bring to fruition
That small still voice that's calling you is more than intuition

When tried by fire, remember life is not just
Take faith from the closet, shake off the dust
He's faithful to forgive, repent you must
He's my everything, in YAH I trust!

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