Mighty Volcano

Anything is more special than this,
My evenings combine and form belief.
A mountain sends quakes into the horizon,
We watch and listen for the spectacle to end.
Finishing is one idea, completing can be an action,
Of this secret weather, the sliding action.
A mountain is this volcano, a crater is of doom,
Making us gone in a day and night, the stupid dress.
Seas have angered us in the past, but what mighty volcano!
We need no anguish and no hurt from the beast of rocks,
So if you can compare this suspense, what are you?

by Naveed Akram

Comments (14)

I guess I am the one in that poem. The persona
sad for the poor me Who believed something nvr to be
nice poem..really enchanted thanks a lot khalid jathiyeri
wow i really loved it and keep up the good work. it is really sad to almost made me cry
wow thts really good i like it :)
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