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Sad And Alone

Sad And Alone

Somewhere in the world a person is crying,
somewhere in her world her shattered soul is dying,
sometime in her future she gives up trying.

She sits by a broken window watching the rain,
the rain falls down just like her tears.
The storm in her soul rages,
as the storm rages on outside.

Her cries in the night go unheard and unanswered,
she is alone in a world of hatred.
Everyone she once knew disappeared from her life,
just like her hope.
She thinks about life and contemplates death,
she knows things will only get worse.

As she stares into the lonely night she decides her own fate -
As a brilliant flash of lightning arcs thru the dark stormy sky
she knows what she must do.

As a tear rolls down her face she slowly moves away from the window,
and reaches for the bottle on her bedstand.
She lights up a cigarette and takes in a deep lungful of the hot acrid smoke;
she slowly opens the bottle in her hand,
trying to see thru her blinding tears.

As the thunder rumbles outside the window
she tips the bottle up and drinks down the contents.
She knows soon her pain will be over as she lies down on her bed
and wipes the tears from her eyes.

Sad and alone she drifts in and out of consciousness
until the darkness finally envelopes her in its comfort,
as one final tear falls down.

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Maya Angelou

Phenomenal Woman

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