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Sad Boy
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Sad Boy

There is a boy,
inside he is sad,
he keeps it bottled in,
and this makes him mad.

Why cant the world see,
the pain that makes him be,
no one to understand him,
he wants to be set free.

The world is not right,
and his mind just collides,
theres no distinct reason,
for why he burns inside.

Nothing to him is clear,
he sheds but a single tear,
it trickles down his face,
over his cheeks at a moderate pace.

It falls through nothingness,
the nothingness he feels,
to hit the ground, thud,
with that tear, he dissapeared...

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Comments (4)

I really enjoyed feeling the emotion put into this poem. I created a song using it as lyrics. if you would like, id be happy to share it with you!
I do not look to art or lyric or poetry for any profoundness. I only know when it stirs me to smile
Wow that is really amazing and honestly relatable to how i feel every day.
For your first poem on Poem Hunter - congratulations! Don't disappear however, read, comment and write. Your sadness may be the beginning of something wonderful. Rgds, Ivan