Sad Cypress

Look at that cypress with its branches drooping,
in it woe and lament are trooping;
Its foliage is painted a yellow melancholy,
Its spirits are trying to whisper something holy;

by koyel mitra Click to read full poem

Comments (20)

wow... good usage of rhymes... :)
Your ryhming is excellent asi s your command of language but your writing lacks the essential meter t makeiflow like melted Ghee
Autumn started and so one reads this poem before 'Spring'. Truthfulness of inspiration in these melodious lines. I recall some of the French symbolists, and an Italian poem by Giosuè Carducci, 'In Front of St. Guy's Church'.
the beauty i can see but i cudnt decipher some words which are anew for me. so will revisit a couple of times. let its truest essence settle down in me. yet, the beauty of writing in short is awesome.
This poem is amazingly expressive. Wonderfully crafted. Thank you very much.
My 10 for this lovely poem Koyel.
koyel... well written *10*
Avery good description of what you see in imagination as you look at that tree Koyel. Keep up your writing.
such a lovely poem. only God knows what and why of everything and we can share with him without any fear. well done
nice metaphorical write i like it.....thanks 10
yes koyel, you are really gifted with this rare gift. You can 'touch' on any topic. I love reading you. +++10 lovesssssssss anju
You are gifted with a great talent. It's really beautiful you have written in your words. Keep it up.
This is a very expressive poem, Koyel, and one that is written quite well also. Though a fairly brief poem, it's imagery is both sharp and very well communicated to the reader. It is much like a fine painting, showing the viewer perhaps a facet of life that they had not previously thought about. In that respect, you have touched upon what writing poetry is all about. Carl.
A breakthrough piece well written! .Well done Mitra.
This is very interesting piece. you could have expanded the idea a little more so that it becomes more lucid in expression and clear for perception. As Saurav said your earlier poems are even better....9
Very touching in its innocence. I like your poignant, lyrical style. Always your friend, Sandra
Outstanding work! ! ! ! ! Koyel...Keep it up...However, I think the Prince of the Night is still the Best of Yours that I have Read.........
a metaphorical write...good...i liked 10
yea,10 for this here words slowly and deeply impressing/touching...well penned indeed.
Such a lovely sad piece, Koyel well penned regards Tom