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Sad Eyes
MZ (September 30 / Guatemala)

Sad Eyes

Poem By Mariana Zita

These eyes of mine cry
This heart of mine bleeds
This soul of mine breaks
As i slowly die, the colours
of my face fade and my once
happy life is know like the walls
of a dungeon, black, dark and
empty with no one there to comfort
me and the one person i thought
would be there is the farthest one away
from me.Come back i call come back
but the more i shout and scream her name
the more she walks not even looking at my
sad eyes that shimmer with unshed tears.
I call her to please come back, but she keeps
on walking as if not hearing my pleas, and as
she keeps on walking into the light of there
scorn and hate, i cry with every step she takes.
As my body crumbles to the ground a heap of
broken bones, she turns back for one last glance
and see's my fallen body, running back to me she
calls my name with a desperate tone in her voice.
Its to late though for I am gone out of the prison
that once held me for so long, never will i return
even if she wants me back.

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Comments (10)

omgsh, I think i know what this is about. You said you were adopted right? Is this about your real mother, just a guess. But even if its not its deffinetly about someone that walked out on you. Great way of putting your words. You show your emotion good, its very deep. Its so beautiful. I love the way u describe it like a dongene with black walls and emtiness. Awesome descripsion. -meghan
WOW....thats so deep.I love it.
Very touching! Lots of imagination! Keep writing! Lilly
Beautiful imagery! Absolutely full of imagery which gave me a chill to feel what you were feeling when you wrote this poem...very sad and heartwrenching way to describe a love/friendship that has ended. I am sorry for your pain...unfortunately with each great poem written the poet must have felt 'Something' deeply.......U sure did in this one. Please keep sharing you are so talented! Take care of U =Shelley= 10/10
sob..sob..realy touching.