DJ (10th August 1991 / Slagelse)

Sad Feelings

Do I feel anything..?
Except for my shivering..
My shivering in pain..
The shivering that comes,
After the creation of a bloodstain..

Do I feel anything..?
Except for my cry..
The cry, I forfill..
When I think, why..?

Do I feel anything..?
Except for hate..
Hate didn't create..
Anything good for me..
But you must agree..
Hate, brings you straightly..
To the end of relationships.

Do I feel anything?
Except for fear..
From there, comes my tears..
Tears sliding down my cheek..
In the lonely hours of the night..
Where I try to hide my shriek..
The nights, where I see no light.

Is that all I feel..?
And if that is all,
Why does it have to be so real..?

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But one question would you rather feel bad or nothing?