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Sad For Me

Sad for me to think that as a boy i was nearer to the universal god than i am today
The years have left me feeling bitter i look at life in a cynical way
Some people with age seem to mellow with me it is not this way at all
Though i do feel joy in old memories when happier days i recall
When i was a boy in the fifties the World to me seemed a beautiful place
I marveled at the song of the dipper he sang where the stream rapids did race
On through the fields to the big river that to the great ocean does flow
I was learning of the ways of Nature and of Nature there is so much to know
The years have left me feeling cynical though i knew of happiness as a boy
I felt happy learning of Nature something today i too enjoy
From Nature we never stop learning we learn from her every day
Life for us has so many lessons or at least it does seem this way
As a boy to god i was far nearer off of life's happy path i did stray
But from life i have learned one lesson that for my every mistake i must pay.

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