Sad Friendship Lost And Found

Feelings I never shared when concealed,
hidden in my mind.
Some of days within much of forlorn,
riddled in beauty of wonder.

In times that once were lonesome,
replaced in fillings of treasure.
To savour, forever

Memories ever subdued in sorrow.
Thoughts of nights embedded in cold,
replaced now in likely bliss.
Fears within a new dimension,

Looking to brazen in hope of gladness.
Loving all that which is in sight,
Or that which hearts were broken.
Mending and making of holding firm
to repair a life so shaken.

Dreams are all a longing for,
Praying for wishes to come true
Collecting bits of pieces
One day forever back to you.

A heart that once was broken,
Enjoining the power to mend.
A person once alone in life,
May I now call you once again. friend?

by Siddic Nagdee

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