.sad Girl

She waits on the steps of his building,
sitting daintily, so not to crease her dress
checking and rechecking her appearance
in a silver-plated compact mirror

by YURI DURAAN Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

Very nice. I feel for that sad girl.: ( Good job!
Second by second, moment by moment, you describe your scene and it rings the truth for both men and women who have found themselves in a compromising position brought on by love...Coach
Hello friend Yuri. It was proably better that they didn't get together. A sad, interesting poem. Well done. L C Taylor
Good creation of expectation, but it leaves you with a sense of wondering of how it ended - lovely piece.
At the start we've 'her appearance in [..] a mirror': about the identity again. Then at two points it appears this 'avoiding eye-contact with passers-by' 'on the steps of his building': about to be looked up. Good poem, good narrative.
You are really damn good Yuri! I believe the reason for that is that you actually feel what your writing. Well that and you have a good vocabulary. I think we kind of have a similar style in some ways, different, vague, yet hopefully with a meaning (atleast i know you do) . Good stuff
Beautiful writing...