I keep playing the same song over and over again
Hoping you would come home sooner
Being lonely only adds to the weight of things
I can only ask for more
Time, love, and devotion
See fate wears its wings wholeheartedly
But how far can they fly?
You're even more selfish than I thought
Now that you're so far away
But that's okay
I shall keep playing the same song over and over again
Until you decide to come home
And if this rose ponders across the fences
Then you shall find her all alone...

by Electric Lady

Comments (5)

Linda, That was nice. Just sittin' here smilin ' ! B.V.A.
A perfectly crafted poem, where the completely unforced rhyming structure increases the poignancy of the situation. Simply superb. xx jim
A beautiful write, Linda... sad but at the same time endearing and warm. Well done! ! Brian
I agree with daniel tyler, very good.
I notice how your lines flow beautifully into one another. This has clever rhyming that isn't merely there for rhymes sake. There is a clarity of emotion that I much appreaciate. Well done. Daniel Tyer