If you are really gone from me
Then that explains the shadows
That form in the corners of me

If you have truly gone from me
That explains the ice crystals
That form around my heart

If you no longer see me here
That explains the blindness
I feel inside my spirits thoughts

If you come no more to me
That explains the numbness
I feel within my soul tonight

by Fiona Davidson

Comments (5)

Linda, That was nice. Just sittin' here smilin ' ! B.V.A.
A perfectly crafted poem, where the completely unforced rhyming structure increases the poignancy of the situation. Simply superb. xx jim
A beautiful write, Linda... sad but at the same time endearing and warm. Well done! ! Brian
I agree with daniel tyler, very good.
I notice how your lines flow beautifully into one another. This has clever rhyming that isn't merely there for rhymes sake. There is a clarity of emotion that I much appreaciate. Well done. Daniel Tyer