Sad Green Eyes

You look at me with sad green eyes,
I'm overcome with feeling-
Such deep emotion they disguise,
Yet send my senses reeling; They speak to me of loneliness
And feelings unexpressed,
Of hopes and dreams unrealized
And love gone uncaressed; They cry to me of urgency
To experience it all-
But here you are in limbo
With your back against the wall; I wish I had the answers
To the questions they impose-
I'm drowning in those sad green eyes
And the sorrow only grows; If I had one magic wish,
You know what it would be?
To see instead of sad green eyes
Green eyes that smile for me.

by Linda Ori

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This poem hit home for me, very relatable very well worded, I feel you might enjoy some of my poems, try one I think you'll find it relatable
This reminds me of someone I love. Just what I needed to read tonight. Thank you.
Linda, That was nice. Just sittin' here smilin ' ! B.V.A.
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