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Sad Holidays
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Sad Holidays

Poem By Donna Nimmo

The holidays are getting near
Bringing most people great cheer
These days bring back pain from the dead
The holidays I always have to dread
Thinking back through the many years
Trying to be happy, holding back the tears
Getting through life one day at a time
Out of the darkness I must climb
I can't live in the pain from the past
Please let it be over, don't let it last
I love the warmth from the summer sun
So let this time of year be done
I like the green grass and flowers in bloom
They make me happiest, instead of this gloom
So hurry up summer and come back around
And I won't be sad, happiness I'd have found
I have a good life and what's wrong with me
When the holidays come, I can't feel free!

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Only you can tell this story and only you can understand the pain and saddness that come with winter holidays. But reading this is such a good way of putting your feelings down to know how you feel, but to know summer will soon follow and at least the whole year isn't sadness. Well written, that care.