Life Means Honor

Life means honor

Thursday, February 22,2018
6: 37 AM

Past was no kind
She had to find
And witch the future
She wasn't sure

How many memories rush?
And push
Her towards gloom
But she has kept no room

She has every reason
To forgive a person
She has died number of times
But couldn't feel about crimes

She felt sore
Yet adored
The past as she felt
Only bad odor had to be smelt

She couldn't praise
And chase the bad dreams
But she was part of the team
And always provided light to them

She knew what meant by the sacrifice
That is what she had to perform with the promises
She witnesses cruelty and misbehavior
But to her. life means dignity and integrity with honor

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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And that's fantastic
Good poem. Nice to read it
Nicely done. The repeat is good and it has good meaning. Thanks for sharing.
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