Happy Birthday, Dear Child!

Each birthday tells you that you are
Much older, day by day!
And that you are a brighter star,
That shines in heaven's way!

Remember that your health is first,
Apart from loving God;
Obedience to your parents, Christ,
Will spare you from all rod!

We must grow wiser by the years,
And live pious, life-time;
With Christ beside, we shouldn't have fears,
As God gives us good clime.

We do not live by strength, our own,
But by God's blessings, grace!
And speak alive, and not by phone,
And keep a pleasant face!

‘Happy Birthday, Dear Cathy! '
Most lovingly wished by your dearest
mom Mercy, sister Diana and dad Dr. Celestine

Copyright by Dr John Celes 29-08-'12

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Comments (10)

You may have caught the essence of the man in this one Allie! Great economy of language, and you got the point over with great timing and clarity. Very worth committing to print! ! Very fine work as always. xxx jim
Relationships are your strong point when you write (I should say strongest!) And I love the quick flow of exchanges. S x
You know I didn't read that as a man you were talking to. I took it as a child. Then I read Esther's comment and blink - illumination. We are like that. You know it and accept it - cool.
A funny yet insightful write, my friend! I love men. I mean, I really love men. But you have GOT to be able to laugh, eh? ? ! Don't forget to give him that hug from me, and more than one to YOU, Allie, for such forebearance and compassion! Commiserations and smiles, Esther : ]
Then stupidity is inevitable and blessed are the dumb. A good twist of the pen here, AAA. It would be comical if it weren't a true reflection of a usually-male attitude of dismissing the emotions. Fine write; it kicks, and lingers on the tongue. t x
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