Her Beauty

As the night sky celebrates the flare of the full moon
And lake water becomes a guest of this radiant lune
The star that lay beside, glitters in her utmost beauty
And the observer is taken into a trance-like swoon

Even the watery mirror adorns this angelic being so fine
Upon seeing this, the night-sky blossoms into sunshine
None can dare to match her charm and beauty
For even wisdom itself finds her difficult to define

Wisdom then requests the intellect to explain
But this further confuses the commonly insane
For the scene cannot be without heart's beauty
For verily in the heart does she conquer and reign

The drunken bumble bees drop dew dunk
As they lie listlessly under the tree's trunk
Beholding the radiance of light from her beauty
Even the dream-birds sit to see who is drunk

With love, the chamber of the heart glows high
What is this thought of mine, it must be a lie
All that is within the gaze is, but sheer beauty
That takes me to the ninth cloud in the sky

For yes, it glows, with the illuminous love
If there be any feeling, then let it be truelove
In the age-old tradition of lust and beauty
It's simply have or die, for she's truly from above.

by Doctor Crazy

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You may have caught the essence of the man in this one Allie! Great economy of language, and you got the point over with great timing and clarity. Very worth committing to print! ! Very fine work as always. xxx jim
Relationships are your strong point when you write (I should say strongest!) And I love the quick flow of exchanges. S x
You know I didn't read that as a man you were talking to. I took it as a child. Then I read Esther's comment and blink - illumination. We are like that. You know it and accept it - cool.
A funny yet insightful write, my friend! I love men. I mean, I really love men. But you have GOT to be able to laugh, eh? ? ! Don't forget to give him that hug from me, and more than one to YOU, Allie, for such forebearance and compassion! Commiserations and smiles, Esther : ]
Then stupidity is inevitable and blessed are the dumb. A good twist of the pen here, AAA. It would be comical if it weren't a true reflection of a usually-male attitude of dismissing the emotions. Fine write; it kicks, and lingers on the tongue. t x
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