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Sad... Or Mad? ?

when i look at you,
you look sad,
that makes me mad,
i care for you so,
and i want you to no,
i need to see you smile,
and that'll make me go for miles,
you act so hapy,
i no its all lies,
i can see it in your eyes,
you say you love her you say you care,
but i still think its all a dare,
when you cry i wanna die,
everytime you say good bye,
i always start to cry,
you're like my bro,
and i love you so,
everyone cares,
you think its all lies,
but all to your suprise,
your life maybe hell,
oh yes i can tell,
i wanna help you,
other people too,
you told me about the new you,
in your letter,
but i like the old michael better,
i need you here,
cant you see,
so you better not be leaving me! ! ....

by Bootiful Kid ...

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the way you said this poem...most people would think like you do...well i do