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Sad Poem 1 (Someday Soon)
(18 June 1945 / Bradfield, England)

Sad Poem 1 (Someday Soon)

They came in hundreds to read my poems yesterday
But they all faded away today
I hope they will come back
Maybe tomorrow or someday soon

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They will David, they will, and for years to come long after we are both gone. You will have left a wonderful legacy of your collected verse and thoughts. All the best, David
My dirt exactly put..........thanks David : O)
Well, I'm reading, hope that counts.......sometimes difficult to keep up with those in other lands as I need sleep..........don't feel badly, I don't get many reads either, I'd be happy with ten different people a day or if they found all six from one day instead of the 'polite' one....I will make and effort not to miss when I'm at home. marci. :) xo
Think I may have missed something here David. Anyway you will have me as a reader for always. Lisa
You will always have one reader my friend... David