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Sad Poem 2 (Little Poem)
(18 June 1945 / Bradfield, England)

Sad Poem 2 (Little Poem)

I wrote a little poem
I thought was so nice
Filled with love, sugar and spice
Figuring no one would want to read it
I committed a writer’s sin
I screw it up in a little ball
And threw it in the waste paper bin

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Comments (5)

Best you fish it out then and post it~~~~~~~~some could use some sugar or at least cheering up...........no excuse as you didn't use the shredder...marci.xo
A very sweet thoughtful poem David, thank you for that. Just the tonic for me to find on my return home. Thanks for sharing.
Argh I tell you something David. I started a poem once, typed it directly into here from my head. Learned from that mistake. My pc crashed and all was lost. However I did a better version the next day, the poem was called changing minds.
There is no Critic like ourselfs... and most of the time we are so wrong... David pull that poem out and post it my friend...
Get it out of the bin - you might regret that. I destroyed a whole series of mine I wrote many years ago as someone suggested it might be cathartic. It wasn't! ! Mind you - you have this nice little ditty to replace it. Clair