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Sad Story
(18 June 1945 / Bradfield, England)

Sad Story

The old house stood in silence,
no one lives there anymore.
Only memories of the past,
fill each empty room.
Once you stood so proud,
laughter rang out from your walls.
Now only cobwebs and decay inherit there.
What sad story has lead to your decline?

The lights from your windows,
don’t shine there anymore.
Only ghosts from the past,
live in every room.
Ghosts that once brought laughter.
That rang out every night,
are silent and no more
What sad story marks your fall from grace?

Once upon a time,
children played outside your door.
Now only weeds and brambles,
fall across your welcome path.
No more the smiling faces,
greet everyone at your door.
Now that sadness and neglect has fell.
What sad story do you have to tell?

Were there newlyweds,
with their hopes so high?
Did they have their hopes dashed some how,
or was it some great tragedy,
that within your walls befell?
So tragic that it made the silence fall.
What made them desert you to neglect?
What was the sad story, pray tell?

6 April 2007

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Comments (9)

Your lines have rendered me speechless-it is a true story of my life-the house is still there but haunted, full of cobwebs and dust.The garden a jungle.Once it was full of life.Now its the end of an era. Very beautifully expressed.Thankyou. saroj
A clear picture in my mind here David, great imagination and thought. Many questions? Bravo.Lisa x
Just have to remember that once this 'old house' was beautiful and though it is now no longer beautiful on the outside, within it memories were made and they, the memories, will forever be beautiful despite the exterior decay.~~~~kind of like people, we may age but our beauty remains in our hearts and souls, if indeed it was ever there.~~~~~~~~lovely read was this........thanks......marci.m.(~_~)
I like your twist on If walls could talk thanks David
Very bittersweet. Thank you for sharing the life story of this old house with the world. Warm regards, Sandra
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