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Sad To Say

Due to habitat destruction and pollution and Climate Change it does seem sad to say
That more species of wildlife becoming endangered of extinction every day
And most of this doubtless due to human greed
Could it be that for the demise of our own kind we are planting the seed
Respect for the Earth that feeds us and the creatures we share it with most humans does not pay
By the workers of greedy developers more natural habitat for development is being cleared every day
The world is for us humans to live in and with other creatures for to share
But sadly those who love and care for Mother Earth are by far too rare
In a World for one to grow wealthy others are growing poorer by the day
And many of Nature's creatures are losing out to human greed it should not be this way
For a better World for ourselves and other creatures to live in we have a part to play
We need more positive action for the good and not words as words are easy to say
Us humans have come a long way in technology, chemistry and science yet in some ways we are not wise
As the Polar ice caps are melting and her water levels rise.

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