Saddened Hairry Poo Poo.

Lips of glass that spoil my sightless sign...
Spinal back'ed bones reveal a jellyfished behind.
Penciled dirty girth upon my pillow...
Lets intermix thy spit o'le swillow.
Had i spent Christmas shot into the moon...
Popeye squinted spinach salad sandwiches at the Nerd patrol goon,
Not til' Howdy Doody spewed his Deputy Dawg Doo Dewed.
Arrest the Hatfield and McCoy few, few fued.
Playboy Bunnies hopping in the nude...
Clothes came off to show off naked pink, sprout things dat enlarged and grew.
Shasta soda drip from my lip...If you stole my drink, a zippered lip
t'will sipless be zipped.
I'll gladly pay you for the 'morrow...An emptied wallet sheds deepend
wet sorrow.
Frick frack, black attack the porclained broken sparrow...
Diet fads like Jenny Craig don't work for over fattened heads so narrow. Fiddle dee doo doo...Your looks in the meer looks like
saddened hairry poo poo.

by Michael Gale

Comments (2)

hehe luv it thanx 4 the laughs
A strange poem filled with Great Humour (although to be honest i'm not really sure what half of the words used actually mean) Don't get me wrong the poem is funny and it strangely reminds me of Gillian Mckeith Sincerely Nickie x x