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Saddest City Lane
SOM (A Thursday,1987 / Tiobraid Arann)

Saddest City Lane

I once walked by the saddest city lane
And saw an old man there, all ragged and plain.
He sat alone by a glowing fires flaring light
An empty wine bottle before him, a sorry, sorry sight.

All he wanted was some shelter and to forget pain,
But the night would spite him that, all it’d bring is cold rain.
And I just walked on, on in wonder, on towards home
Remembering fire in his eyes with mine on the gloam.

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Comments (5)

Sean - a sad, yet vivid picture you have painted here. Take care. Joey
This be a picture to ponder........well written...................
A sad picture you painted without any brush marks, excellent Sea'n........ The picture makes a tatoo in everybody's heart.
I see that everyday myself Lovely poem Ian
gloam's an interesting word...twilight...the time before dusk or dawn