Saddest Part

It wasn’t what I’ve expected
I thought nothing’s changed
That we’re still the same persons
Like we were yesterday
When we both laugh when were happy
Cry when were sad
Be crazy when we’re angry
Then be quiet when were mad

All the while, I missed those times
When we talk of our dreams
When usual conversations
Became one great memory
I can never blame the time
Nor the destiny
Coz what we have right now
Is the product of our actions

I could cry bucket of tears
But it would mean nothing to you
I could explain a lot of times
But it would be a bother If I do
Our friendship is priceless
And its worth a lot of effort
But now that its been broken
There’ s nothing I could do

I could only watch you go
And find your own way
Even if the path
Wont lead you back to me
I want you to be happy
And peaceful and free
Even if along the way
You wont remember me

Our journey together
Has reached its end
And though I tried to go back
To where it all started
It would be different
A way lot different
Coz in the same path that I’ll walk on
You wont be there beside me

And that would be the saddest part
Coz every road that I would take
Ill probably remember
That we walked the same road together
Just yesterday
Where both of our dreams
Were connected to each other
Where it’s the same sky
That we’re looking at
And the same star
We both wished upon..

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