(7 June 1917 – 3 December 2000 / Topeka, Kansas)

Sadie And Maud

Maud went to college.
Sadie stayed home.
Sadie scraped life
With a fine toothed comb.

She didn't leave a tangle in
Her comb found every strand.
Sadie was one of the livingest chicks
In all the land.

Sadie bore two babies
Under her maiden name.
Maud and Ma and Papa
Nearly died of shame.

When Sadie said her last so-long
Her girls struck out from home.
(Sadie left as heritage
Her fine-toothed comb.)

Maud, who went to college,
Is a thin brown mouse.
She is living all alone
In this old house.

by Gwendolyn Brooks

Comments (14)

What a great poem! I love it so much. (a bit awkward because a share a name with one of the characters)
A true fascinating poem, dashing and yet simply rendered. Finally Maud remains the old spinster of da house! I have enjoyed this hilarious poem with a moral by Gwendolyn Brooks. Congartulations on being chosen as Modern Poem Of The Day! Hurray! A myriad of 10´s for the voting.
should be sparing in our judgment. There seemed to ne a lot of love in Sadie's life and perhaps too much condemnation in her sister's
oices we make in life. Each girl reaped what she sowed so I think we sh
There are a lot of ch
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