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Sadly Not Rare

Politicians, bureaucrats, bankers and car salesmen things in common do share
Some of them are not honorable and sadly not rare
Though some is not all only true for to say
The deceptive few make dishonesty pay
Though it is not right for to generalize
The sins of the few of the majority to mistrust does give rise
Many of the members of the fore mentioned occupations honest in their dealings in every way
Though far too many scammers in the World of today
An honorable person others would never deceive
On being honest in their dealings they truly believe
The dishonest are people who are possessed by greed
And of their sort the World it is not in need
There are many deceptive people in the World of today
It does seem for some that dishonesty pay.

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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