You Know

You know when I'm sad
by a sound in my voice
You are compelled to help me
as if there's no choice.

You know how to hold me
when I'm weak or strong
Followed by a kiss so deep
and breathtakingly long.

No arms can hold me
the way yours do
Comforting, cradling,
arousing me too.

You know how to touch me
inside and out
How to tease me in fun
and make me pout.

You know how to feel me
how to embrace my emotion
and rub it all over
like a soothing lotion.

I don't know how-but you know
when I need more of you
Especially at times
when our moments are few.

You know how to draw-out
the passions in me
Your ability to listen
you say is the key.

Then~you are the key-master
and you don't share
I'm not complaining
it's totally fair.

For there is no other
who compares to you
Who makes me feel
the way you do.

You know when to play
and make it just right
I look forward to a play-date
that lasts all night.

You know how to read
what's in my eyes
With a passion unmatched
that tells no lies.

You let me cry
and vent my hurt
You let the tears flow
that soak my shirt.

Then your voice soothes me
with its calming tone
It grabs me and tells me
I'm not alone.

I love to look into your eyes
for what you show me
there is no disguise.

It makes my breath shallow
and makes my heart pound
for all the love in this man
that I've at last found.

You know, I know
we'll probably never be
But you own my heart
because you know me.

by Sandra Adams

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