BM (27/10/91 / Sheffield)


I know people want me to feel safe
I know that they care
But no matter where I go
I feel people stare

Don't feel safe here
Don't feel safe there
At school or at home
Don't feel safe on my own

People think there's nothing wrong
As this is what I tell
My life, where it stands
Feels like I'm in hell

I just need some where
Where I can go
When I am
Feeling a little low

I need a person
Who I can trust
Who can keep a secret
And who must.

I know I've got people now
But how to tell them I don't know how.

How to say I've started again
Going back to the bad days
Where nobody wanted to talk to you
Blanked you, left you, hurt you

People hurt me
And I thought it was my fault
That I had nobody to talk to
That I had no help.

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