Poem Hunter
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

What is it today that is being kept safe.
The quality of life and values once had,
By the people living on promises.
What is it today that is being kept safe.
Demonstrated integrities and truth produced.
What is it today being kept safe as if sacred.
Religious beliefs and faith to keep.
With honesty and trust as a top priority.
And where is the safe,
In which all of this is placed and protected.
When those entrusted and given the keys,
Seem to have exclusively...
Tarnished to diminish those treasures to feed,
Their own selfishness.
While cloaking their irresponsibilities,
In a coating of sold fool's gold.
Bought not for its quality.
But for the sparkle and shine of the bling.
And the blinding that sustains and maintains delusions.
Kept safe in heads fed,
On tricks, hoodwinks and dupes.
And anything produced that mocks the truth.
Safely imitated.

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