Safe And Secure Within My Wings

Safe and secure here within my wings,
keeping my heart from pain from all
hurt life can bring. I will release
my heart when that special day comes,
I will open it's pages to only the
right one.

Sharing all it's beauty inside, but
until then it's beauty I must hide.
Secrets bound within, keeping a tight
rein until his face I see, his heart
beat I feel, his whispers shared only
with me. It's love I shall harbor
until his loving arms are around me,
till then, this heart is only for me.

The right one has the key, for there
is only one. He keeps it safe until
that day, that day when he will unlock
my heart and set it free. Free to fly,
to connect to his, never to be apart,
the key will forever open my life, to
soar among the winds, with that special
someone right by my side.

I will then toss the key to the oceans
below, riding upon the waves, to where
ever it wants to go. No longer will I
need that key, forever this heart will
be free. Free to love, free to feel,
forever with love to be filled. But
until then I shall keep it safe and
secure, just waiting for that day, my
heart will know for sure.

by Ruth warren

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