Safe For Now

Safe for now….
The writer finished the book;
Now comes the hard part;
First the scrutiny by the experts -
the priest, the bishop and the mulla.
Then the special reading before
the CPB (committee for prevention of blasphemy) .
Before going to the ultimate test by
the CPO (committee for prevention of obscenity) .
After that would be submission before local magistrate,
To be certified that it would not hurt
anyone's sentiments.
She was fortunate.
Her publisher would handle all that for her, but
the hard part was signing of the agreement
obliging her to withdraw and the pulp the book,
the work of a lifetime,
if anyone at any time complained of
wounded religious sentiment.
Just thinking of it made her sweat.
With a start, she opened her eyes,
Realizing with relief;
All of it was just a dream!
At least for now….

by Byju Vijayan

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Every innovation and creative adventure starts with a dream, as long as one could visualize it, one can achieve it. A lovely poem indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.