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Safe Return Home
KC (1/30/1989 / Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Safe Return Home

Poem By Kandyce Cox

whats life without love
a fragile hope glittered with faith
specks of you remain on my soul
ill never forget you
the feel of your stubborn love lingers on my heart
my head hangs low but it's okay
you loved me anyway
or at least i thought you did until the day
i saw you in her arms
i read the messages
i felt the difference between her and me
shes so much more
she'll be your everything i thought i could be
your happiness is important to me
so i disappear
i cower to the bottom of you closet
hoping you'll be home soon
praying for your safe return home
into the arms that loved you most
you had my heart that i kept so close
and i fell from grace
i ran full on toward this tender place
reaching for you heart
and retrieving nothing but emptiness
grains of sand are all thats left of you
and i know there's nothing that i can do
but hold on for now and pray for your safe return home
to the fragile soul that loved you most

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'a fragile hope glittered with faith'; nice expression. keep writing. thank you.