'Safe' World

I feel caged in this world that my parents keep me in,
Away from the ones I want to be near.
These rules make my heart burn with anger,
Telling me to break them.
Why must they keep me from the one I love when I want to be near him the most?

Their punishments mean nothing to me...
Their words are useless to say.
Why must they keep me caged?

They don't understand the freedom my soul needs.
These rules that I feel like I need to break.
They don't understand how hard it is for me to cope with this stuff i'm not use to.

'Be home by this time.'
'You can't do this.'
'If it happens again we won't let you go with them again.'

I don't even have to do wrong.
This life is just not what I'm use to.
They keep me caged in this world of which they think is safe for me,
When in all actuality it cases me pain and suffering being away from the ones I need the most.

by 7Shadows Teed

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