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Safety Peaks
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Safety Peaks

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

That climb.
From obscurity.
And surrounded by the darkness,
Of a challenging negativity.
Placed in the mind as a reminder.
That obstacles to face.
On one's path,
Are often intentionally placed.
Throughout the valleys one travels.
Seeking to escape far and away,
From those who may stalk...
Watching to follow,
One's every movement made.

That climb.
From obscurity.
Is seldom clear.
Few know which direction,
Ambitions to have...
Will greet them with experiences.
None of which are familiar to the next.
Or permits one to breathe.
With an ease to do this freely.
One has a vision,
To leave shadows and valleys below.
For that taste of sunshine.
And the breeze to feel,
Atop safety peaks to believe to find...
A permanent release and freedom.

That climb to make.
And that day does arrive.
Finding one to realize,
More criticizing their rise.
Leaving them caught by surprise.
To discover for themselves why,
Not too many who have reached...
Peaks to think of them as safe.
Nor peaceful.
Especially when success one achieves,
Is believed makes it easier...
To accept criticism.
And not so much,
For how it had been accomplished.
That it had been accomplished at all!

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