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Saffron Blue

There is a woman her name is Saffron Blue
And she looks young not more than twenty two
But she is older other people say
Still through her reddish hair there is no gray.

She comes from England many miles away
And if you ask her does she miss home she might say?
I miss England but then I like it here
Victoria's Winter weather less severe.

In the Yarra Ranges quite a well known face
And she is one who doesn't feel out of place
Where stringybark and mountain ash stand tall
And laughing kookaburra in the twilight call.

Her lovely English accent with her stay
And she has about her such a cheery way
And Saffron makes a new friend every day
Her soul is lit by gleaming happy ray.

With a winning smile and foxy English hair
As beauty goes she is a millionaire
And there is only one you won't find two
In Yarra Ranges with the name of Saffron Blue.

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