VW (17-04-1969 / India)



‘Saga’ in words or in twisted beep
Not known, whether I should narrate,
In hoot or in Chuckle, but with spice and pizza
And then I meet you, a listener, on the shoreline
It’s this turn of life, where I have you in sea
An elite ear of the moment, beside me.

Not very humble, but yes, I was polite
Strong, though had all quivers of that age
Not a genius still very popular high flier
Not a pampered, yet a bit derelict I was
Cherished by all, little at own shelter
Never knew the sway within to gain.

My flair in read and write took me somewhere
But never ever textured the whiff of what was read
Uncertain, unapprised about those poetries and stories
Still craved to reach here and there but nowhere
No backup, no promoter, still dashed forward
With all zeal to reach those aspired heights!

Playing at shore, still scrutinizing the ebb and flow
Never saw a silent wave amidst the roaring sea
Ever craving to watch a mute wave of the surf
No longer I could wait and watch at the shore
But I was sent to a colonized land of guerillas
All I read about the oasis never came in aid!

There was no disparity between day and night
Tide was still stronger than I saw prior to
Forever hurricane in the sea and I was sinking
By no means I could climb the wall of ebb tide
Poetries and stories read had lost their credence
Veracity bite had its strong hold upon me.

Looked around to grab a grip of adoration
Alone in search of deal to be occupied with
Ran around with hopes to hold a tip of support
Cried over spilt milk, groused over static peak
Begged with folded hands to take a look at
Gap grow to an extent where other end not seen!

Relations lost its credence while came under stress
Altruism was met with blows from self-absorbed
Taught a lesson in disguise to take care of self.
Against odds, stepped out with sturdy determination
Struggled with sigh, might in mind, I realized
‘It’s my life’ after all, I should make it worth to live.

It’s the blessings of ‘Supreme’ I had strength to stand
Found a serene shrine to take shelter against all rigors
I started all again with full devotion and enthusiasm
Uphill struggle took me far from my state of dejection
I realized the worth of self-respect and self-confidence
Now, there is no turn back, no wavering and no remorse.

Smiling at all odds from this point where I stand
Showing my head to those, in front of whom I bent
I am able to explore the beauty of this wonderful land
Where, now, I can tie relations with sugary trace
Perceive things and envisage coloured frames
I do draw on canvas, the past, present and the future.

When I stand in front of the same roaring sea
Now I hear the melody of surf and it’s influence
Its delightful to find the silent moves at sea coast
Dipping my feet and slowly moving with confidence
I find a nourishing pal in the midst of the water
‘Saga’ of me meets its listener at the same sea!


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VIDI, I read your poem today. You have nicely conveyed bits and pieces of your life and thoughts blending them with the imagery of the sea! Under this blasting Delhi heat of 42 degrees, the poem had a cooling effect on me! ! Like you, I also have no promoter or builders! Only some good readers like you! Mamtaji told me that the attention span of readers have greatly reduced these days! Infact a lady told me once that she did not have the patience to read my long poem, - ' Visions of the vast blue empyrean'! ! Mamta ji dared! For your poem 10! -Raj Nandy