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Sagittarius And Scorpion
(The Crystal Age / Pretoria - South Africa)

Sagittarius And Scorpion

Sagittarius and Scorpion
walk all over my dreams - shooting down
my sweetest schemes
Sagittarius CANNOT lie - being oblivious to
what the truth can do
never intending to hurt - surprised at the effect of
his honest words
I CANNOT try to confide
in Sagittarius
Scorpio WILL NOT lie - doesn’t give a damn
about pain inflicted by his honest opinion
a law unto himself - he can’t accommodate
a weaker way
I DARE not confide
in Scorpio

Ephemeral Cancer - Moonlight Dreams my Astrogenetic Fate
from glad to sad for no apparent, discernable reason…
Snegourka, the Snow Maiden, melting in spring
the bittersweet painfulness of the Moonlight Sonata
inexplicable sadness of Boccherini
and Clair de Lune

the illegal emotion, sensation and feeling
manifesting in camouflage
the real me would be living a total

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