ME (05/31/1962 / NJ)

Sail Away

I paused before the ocean.
Afar a tall vessel floated by.
With its canvases wide open.

Sways slipped in line of the sailors.
They sailed into the rolling swells.
Masterly they coursed the voyager.

Ahoy mariners! What awaits you?
I watched the fleet traverse onward.
Maybe they seek rich lands to view.

One day, I wish to float away.
To a world that unfolds wiser
Tales will be notable each day.

Yes, I am a dreamer of dreams.
Whispers tell of refined tomorrows.
Legends won’t be what they seem.

Forward cruised the gallant ships.
The currents drifted them out to sea.
They navigated at a powerful clip.

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A wonderful daydream Monica.........very nice. Sincerely, mary