Sail Away

Poem By William H Whelan

To sail away to lands unknown
To sail away, solitary and all alone
With a past I want to flee
Heading for a future I don't want to see.

Leave the mooring which is now
Up anchor, sail away, go now!
Don't think, otherwise I may hover
And not sail away towards tomorrow.

Leave the land, leave reality
Sail away on the open sea
Go ahead on the flat water
Escape them all as I ought to.

Ahead no man has built on the sea
Look behind and look at humanity
At structures touching the sky
At the vehicles chokingly passing by.

Without society what will I be
I'll tell you, I will be free
No alien emotions to bind me
No selfish people to guide me.

All I have to do to flee
Is set my ship to sail on the sea
To dream without the past
And sail to where my future is cast.

Comments about Sail Away

A wonderful poem Bill, written with so much feeling. Love this one a lot.

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