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a - Looking back on change I too remember
b - Fall's month of opportunity long ago
a - A Caribbean jaunt in September
b - As a couple we two did journey forth

c - Hoping this trip would bring us together
d - Bright tropical birds in evening did sing
c - Sunshine, a full moon gave perfect weather
d - As my heart was not there, it meant nothing

e - Knowing inside the marriage was over
f - The decision was mine to change my life
e - Years of stress yet loyalty left behind
f - I decided to go and leave the strife

g - Renting a flat, absent, seeking my own
g - Now in abundance I love how I've grown

SAILING - 2000

The first time a sea wind blew in my hair
Raising the main on my first solo sail
Impassioned I knew I had not a care
A life with the sea would be my swan song

David and I sought a liveaboard yacht
Future comfort, style, majestic in grace
Affordable, for wealthy we are not
Our future seeking the very next place

Retiring is looming; we're getting old
Wanting a project so we could be close
Finding a trawler we made an offer
Lower by far than the price was at most

Dreams of a lifetime, answers to prayer
We're not aboard yet but we're nearly there

by Nancy Terrell

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