Sailing Into Darkness

I was but a child

When she faded

First grey

Then gone

Into nothingness

And slowly slipped away

To the other side of the mind

Razor blades and bibles

Children cut from books

Kept her smiling

Kept her sailing

Trailing cut mooring lines

Into the dark night

On the other side of the mind.

by James Jarrett

Comments (4)

Is this a poem about Alzheimers? Just curious... this has happened to many of my family members including my younger sister. Sad...
The Mother in your poem had photos to cut out, I have only photos of two little boy the day after delivery. But that will have to do. Great poem! 10 from me. A Mom
James, amazing poem. You've described something that is beyond words. Well done.
The slow and deliberate line-spacing make this very powerful to read, and the intense wording cut through to the very marrow. Well achieved Jim although it must have torn you in two. Thoughts and greetings Fay.