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EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)


Poem By Eman Awad

I'm a sailor in time,
sailing in the eternal sea of mine..
Searching for you in every direction,
and i'll search eternally.
For i haven't found love or affection,
like those, once, you gave to me.
Holding on to a smile and a memory,
seeking a love that once were for me.
Alone in an endless trip,
with a hope in my heart,
never to lose my grip,
and never to be torn apart...
I'm a sailor,
for salvation i pray.
And i know i'll find you some day..
I'm a sailor who sailed in a sea,
without a friend or a map to guide me.
I've drowned in the sea of emotions,
alone i love, alone i cry.
In this world of no devotion,
alone without you, alone i'll die.
Finding you is finding land,
finding you is finding my life.
How i wish to understand?
How i wish to surfive?
I'll pray to find you, or to die,
but i'll pray.
Giving birth to a sea of the tears i cry,
i'll sail away...

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Comments (1)

Hi, Eman. Reading this, I felt some cosmic emotions. (I love to feel those!) The 'sailor on the seas of life' theme naturally brings them up in a reader, unless a poet crushes them somehow. And you let them come through. The 'smile and a memory' linger with me palpably as landmarks on life's vast journey, as I come away from the poem. The device you use at the end works (I think other poets have used it, but if it comes originally from you now, it's authentic) . I get authentic emotions and a sense of vastness and the human struggle (for, as you say, salvation) from your poem. I think the power of your feelings and images may come through more purely, and with fewer restrictions, if you try dispensing with rhyme.