Tragic Shock

No one wants to believe

All they can do is greive

It should of never happened

Tragic shock

The pain will not go away

The world is now a dark hole

Everyones tears begain to roll

Tragic shock

The news was just to deep

No one could speak

Each innocent soul God will keep

Tragic shock

They were all so young

There lives had just begun

It all ended because of a gun

Tragic shock

Everything is still a blurr

It truly shouldn't occurred

With them gone lives wont be the same

In the gunman lies all the blame

by Kandi Behagg

Comments (3)

This is superb, MIchael. I'm adding it to my favourites. Chrissie
Excellent poem Michael...brilliant! Kenneth
This reminded me of many classical poems. Excellent effort. God does do very, very good work.