Saint Patrick

Long ago there lived a boy and Patrick was his name.
But never did he ever dream that he would rise to fame.
For one day pirates captured him and sold him as a slave
And took him off to Ireland where he was bold and brave. He tended sheep and did his best in all he had to do,
Because he was a Christian and his heart was good and true.
But one day he escaped to Gaul, in order to be free
And there he heard a Voice from Heaven speaking quietly. "Go back to Ireland, Patrick, for the Irish need you so,
To teach and preach of Jesus Christ, of whom they do not know"
And there, he picked a Shamrock and explained the Trinity
And demonstrated 'Three in One' as simply as could be. The people loved to listen to the things he had to say,
When telling Christian stories in his gentle kindly way,
So he was proud and happy when a Bishop he was made
And felt so very grateful to the Voice he had obeyed. So that is how the mitre and the Shamrock Leaf became
The Emblems of the Country that had brought St Patrick fame.
The 17th of March, we know, became, St. Patrick's day
And the Irish will remember every time they kneel and pray.

by Norah Carter

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